what is best bait for mouse trap

what is best bait for mouse trap

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We are going to over I would recommend going on with them cuz most of the time. You don’t even have to rebate the trial and the very last one. If you watched any of my other article you have probably seen that. I have two new ones and then the one that I have covered in my other in case some. You are new and haven’t seen it.

I also got a little twist to a dog to it. So it’s slightly different alright with that Tom. I have got a brand new package of four traps here. It’s not even opened up. So I’m gonna move the camera in here to the workbench on you can see.

We’ll start out with the trick for using peanut butter. Where you are gonna get them more than salt I’ll catch. You there in just a second all right I got the camera everything moved down and everything set up. So I don’t we just get right down to it all right todd. I got my brand new unopened package of mousetraps.

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This is a tip I just want to throw out I normally get the name brand. The Victor traps but I was at the dollar store today traps. I normally use are all Victor’s but I didn’t want he to have an all bloodied up messed-up trap. That’s probably had 20 mice killed in it for doing this article and I was at the dollar home. This is what they had it was like a dollar ninety-nine for four of them. So I picked them up they work they do but for some reason. The Victor is just um they seem to work just a little bit better. If this is all you can get go ahead and use it dom no problem. Let’s go ahead open these up and these are the most guarded mousetraps.

Nesting Materials as Bait

Best Mouse Trap Bait

We only need one of them here to start with all right for the first one. We are gonna use the peanut butter I like. I said I don’t really recommend using peanut butter but in some cases. You might not be able to do the other two methods I’m going to show you. So I am gonna show you a trick. If you do have to use peanut butter this will increase your odds alright. Let’s go ahead and open the peanut butter up and grab a utensil.  You do instead of smearing it on the top which is automatically going to take. Straight out there smear it on the underside just like that then hopefully. It doesn’t go off on me there now what’s gonna happen.


It’s underneath they’re actually gonna be nudging against.  Just sitting there licking the top gently licking just eaten it. These things are actually pretty darn good. So what I did is we actually don’t need a whole one for a mousetrap on a rat trap. If you did this you want to use the whole one up there it fell out. What I did is I got here a cup of I put this in the microwave and heated the water up and then. I put it in there just a moment ago and I first started talking about doing this. It’s only been in there for a very short amount of time. It’s hot water I put it in the microwave for like 2 minutes take it.

Safety First

It’s going to take a few minutes for that to cool off hopefully. You can see that good but the mouse is not kind of pupil done they might to start. When start licking on it but unlike peanut butter. If they did sit there and we’re licking on this they’d be sitting there looking for a long long time just remember to try to keep it. Somewhat flat so you don’t have it sticking out on the bottom too much. You want to be able to push down on it to set it on let’s go ahead and set this one there. We go so they’re gonna come up and this is gonna be hard and you can hear that when you put them in your mouth it.


Where you leave them in the Sun you know they get soft but this will harden back up nice and hard like that pretty much super gluedb it here. I got a plug in I like to take in hot glue gun on it on there because. That was the best technique I found but um Tootsie Roll technique is pretty much about as good but well. This is how we do it you need some kind of bait and before. I was using cat food and dog food I found these pretzels they just barely fit between there.

When the trap is sprung you do sometimes gotta have to replace it. The pretzel for some reason works even better than. The cat and dog food so you just put a little drop of hot glue and put the pretzel on there go ahead. That will take them about a minute for the glue to dry but of course by the time. The mouse comes up it’ll already be dry but the nice thing about. This it gives them something they can actually grab onto. They’re gonna tug right away.

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