What Food Attracts Mice

What Food Attracts Mice

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I’m going to be sharing with you what food attracts Mice not only the number one best way to use but. Also, seven professional level tricks to make sure that. You cannot fail now there are many foods that you can use that will work to attract.

Catch mice because mice love high-calorie sweet fatty foods, however. They are often capable of licking the bait without even triggering the trap. This is why are we sharing some of the best methods to make sure those are crafty. Buggers don’t off with a free meal okay so here we have the most effective foods.


They catch mice they’re all winners we usually go-to cheese. That’s kind of the Mouse food that. We see it in the cartoons and it can be quite effective. I think that more effective than that is cream cheese fits well into. The trap easy-paced high calories are as well very good then. We have got chocolate spread again very high calories sweet mice love it. Attractive to them smells good peanut butter classic again. Getting themed high calories good stuff crunches. My favorite Reese’s Pieces deadly combination of chocolate and peanut butter.


Best Mouse Trap Bait

It’s kind of a shame to waste. It’s on them but sacrifices must be made there we’re moving on sunflower seeds. So these shells are on but I prefer shells off just for the article. What and then what raisins seem like the healthier option but they work really well deceptively well not to be underestimated then. We have got jerky and bacon salty meaty fatty high calories.

Grains and seeds

It’s a bit of a variety but works really well how about one of them is superior to the rest. You guessed it which one the number one most reliable source of peanut butter. It just works well Nerone oh it’s so simple. It’s so cheap you just get this store-bought version you know. The high-calorie crappy stuff full of sugar and God knows. What that’s the kind of stuff they go crazy for it’s like Mouse crack. It stood the test of time smooth works just as well doesn’t taste as good. Let them have a nice last dinner however before.


You go running off there is a problem with peanut butter. That you want to hear and the problem is that people hear peanut butter. May go and throw loads of the stuff onto the trap thinking of a little is good then a lot is better. So the problem there is that might simply come along they lick. The traps clean up the peanut butter or near enough. Then you have given them a free meal. You have got no mouse and you’ve got less crunchy peanut butter no body’s happy except. The mouse so what’s the solution well I’ve got some tricks for you.

Garbage scraps and trash

So that with a bit of creativity you can catch more mice even quicker and avoid giving them a free meal here. We go trick 1 the most basic but much overlooked is only use a pea-sized amount of bait. So mice have an incredible sense of smell so you only need a tiny amount in fact even that. It’s probably a bit too much let’s go a bit less there we go pea-sized amount perfect they will smell. That’s from very far away so the next trick is squishing Reese’s Pieces or whatever cupcakes.

You want the mouse to have to work to get it you see there’s a mess around there you don’t want that. So clean that up to make sure there’s nothing they can get without having to go to the center what food attracts Mice.

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