How to set Mouse Trap

How to set Mouse Trap in your Home

—Introw How to set Mouse Trap—

If I had any input or wanted to share any techniques on how to set a mousetrap. I’m answering that message with this article for those of you. Who are interested in seeing how I do my mousetraps well this article is for you. The individual is a very loyal subscriber to my channel and again did how to set Mouse Trap. It was very discreetly probably because of the embarrassment of the question of what is best bait for mouse trap.

 Ruining the Bait

So here’s my input on your question so the first thing that I prefer. When it comes to mousetraps is I like to use the victor mousetraps. I like to use the ones that have this type of bait platform here. Now when you first buy a mousetrap there’s gonna be a small staple right here holding this bar here.

Using the Wrong Food

So I usually take like a butter knife and I will stick it underneath there. I will pop that loose and this little staple I usually discard I usually throw that in the trash because. I don’t need that’s just that little staple. What that does is that frees up this little bar now the way a mousetrap works. We basically pull this thing back like this let me get a hold on it these things are. So fun to work with I pull let me start over. I grab this bar right here it’s spring-loaded and I grab this and I pull. It all the way back and I like to rest with both of my thumbs holding it I don’t put.

Using Too Much Bait

My fingers are anywhere in this location while I’m loading. This trap I like to fold this bar over and there’s a little place right here underneath. My finger right there there’s like a little catch right there and that little catch catches. This bar once I put the bar there I kind of relieve the pressure with my thumbs a little bit. So that the weight of this spring-loaded mechanism is being transferred to this bar and being held by this baiting thing. What happens is when the mouse comes you put your bait on there. He touches that it releases this bar BAM and that thing slaps shut and hits him. set mousetrap Now when I put bait on these trips I don’t use cheese I use peanut butter.

 Expecting Instant Results

Best Mouse Trap Bait

I think peanut butter works well you can use chunky creamy whatever . You want and if it’s a brand new mousetrap and you have clean hands. You can dip your finger in there and just smudge a little bit of peanut butter on this bait platform. If you’re reusing the mousetrap like say you’ve caught a mouse before. What I like to do personally is take these mousetraps and put them in the dishwater. I clean them with soap and hot water and a scrub brush that’s not going to come in contact with any food How to set Mouse Trap. For dishes or anything like that, I have a stainless steel sink and I clean my mousetraps.

Setting the Trap in the Wrong Place

He comes walking along and he touches this bait platform the thing releases. It catches him that’s how they work very simple process. So in our case, we’re gonna pretend that this is a dirty mouth strap. So I’ve got my peanut butter I’ve got my butter knife here and I’m just gonna get a lot a little bit of peanut butter. It doesn’t take much the reason I like peanut butter is that. That seems to attract them with its scent. it’s a very good smell that they like to smell so I’m going to load this thing back.

Using Too Few Mouse Traps

Just like this, I have got to have that bar just the right way and before. I put this little bar into the bait trap bait holder I’m gonna smear some peanut butter on it. So you like that just smear a little peanut butter on it. Set that baby just like that don’t put your fingers anywhere in this direction over here. Then you set the mousetrap down and you’re ready to go so it’s actually a very simple process. It’s very effective I like peanut butter because at Tina at tent-like cheese how to set Mouse Trap I think they can come up there.

They can kind of nibble on the cheese and maybe even grab the piece and still it but on peanut butter. They actually have to get involved in working to get that peanut butter off of there they have to lick it. And they have to get into What Food Attracts Mice and especially if you can put some of the peanut butter inside. This circle area right here if you can stick some in there they’ll really work to get it out of there and when they do that’s when.

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