how to change a diaper

how to change a diaper

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How to change a diaper guide for gentlemen. This is an episode especially made for the gentleman. I know have more difficulties in changing a diaper.

So shall we now, first of all, you’re gonna need a baby with a diaper on but since. She’s asleep we’re going to be using me let’s go check it out during life-changing baby hacks for parents.

The first moments that you start to change the diaper to your kid. You are going to spend a lot of time figuring out the right way to do it. The fastest way to do so is since you are spending a lot of time on it. Be sure to have the right posture that’s very important. Every day safe for babies diapers If you don’t want to have your back hurting so much don’t go like this. Don’t be stiff and don’t have your back all curved.

Change a Diaper Guide

First things first you need to have the right posture which is. how to change a diaper guide for moms So just looking up shoulders down on the throne. The back and my back here has this little curve which that’s the right posture and then thanks relax. Learn over this is the right and correct position by doing this you will not suffer here. So here we are at Sophie’s bed we now use the changer here. First of all, you want to prepare the field you want to put a blanket on the bed. The surface you’re using.

I have this luxurious star wars blanket but you can use any towel or rag or whatever put it on the surface just to cover. You know just to avoid all the specks of dirt getting anywhere than for putting. The kid prepares all you need which is a new diaper Easy to change nappy new mom’s wet t-shirt and a cream baby.

how to change a diaper guide for gentlemen

So having all of this stuff here best diapers for sensitive skin guide. I usually take one-two-three pieces of wet tissue usually. It’s just pee one or two is enough but if it’s pretty shitty you are Beyonce three. Even four it’s good this is it okay here put it on maybe he’s going to be like you know very mad for this thing. So wow you want to try to calm him down I don’t know we to be some toy you can try but usually what. I do is this just imagine him crying or something and I feel like this put on his shoulder. I know it’s pretty harsh but it works then open the diaper oh and that’s your reaction there. You get all this stuff after that How to change a diaper guide for gentlemen

Change Trips

So that the dirt doesn’t get in the sensitive area one two three how many ones you put them inside. The diaper roll makes it like either a wrap or something. This is gonna be your dirty diaper you so then to take the new one open it. Remember this is going to be on the backside open the stickers here again raise. Change diaper tips and tricks for new moms. Your baby’s legs put them behind her back then close. This firmly does this thing and your baby should be ready.

I forgot in case you see it’s red down there you know it’s a very sensitive area. It just a little bit of place is great calendula cream so it was not that type at all. I know that there are songs that you know are afraid of seeing the brown thing but don’t worry is your kid’s brown thing.

So just do it be helpful to your wife practice practice practice Baby diapers changing hacks guide just practice to it for the sake of your kid your family. You know happy wife happy life obviously this is just one of the techniques but this is the thing that worked for us for me especially and so far.

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