how to change a baby's diaper

how to change a diaper new moms

Change a diaper Tips and Tricks, new moms, I was in nanny so got some pretty good experience under my belt. I thought I would share with all of you so if you’re a first-time parent. You are a guardian or you’re someone who is going to start taking care of babies. I am going to teach you how to change a diaper so we’re going to do the basics. How to change the diaper and then I’m going to give you guys tips and tricks. Just all the things that I have learned over these years until. You lay your baby down on the changing table and get all the things. You need so I’m going to grab some wipes and just pull them out and set them there.

1. How to change a newborn baby’s diaper

So they’re ready to go when I need them I’m also going to get the diaper out now. Get it all spread out and ready to go. it’s easy to put on the baby once I’ve opened everything up then. I’m going to get diaper rash cream if I need it and or the petroleum jelly if. Wipe everything that needs to be wiped from front to back and then change a diaper Tips and Tricks new moms I put it into the diaper and pull the dirty diaper away now. I have the clean diaper that’s ready to go so I put the baby on the diaper.

2.What do you need to change a newborn baby’s diaper?

If I need to and then I close everything up and then I will put the baby back into. Change a diaper Tips and Tricks, new moms, The pajamas like this baby have on and you’re good to go. Now that you guys have seen how I change a diaper yes that was quick straightforward straight to the point. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details I’m gonna give you guys just tips and tricks. That I found over the years that are helpful and once again. Every day safe for babies diapers Every baby is different every person is different so just try these things out and read the article.

I have about six different topics to share with you guys let’s get to it the first one is a be prepared. Now if you see me looking down it’s because. I am prepared and have my notes but what I mean by that is to have a diaper changing station site anywhere. That you are going to change that baby’s diaper a lot and if you live in a one-story house like. I do it was very easy to get into say their room or my room where. It’s kind of like tucked away but by that. I mean having a changing table having a changing pad having a basket full of diapers looks like everything.

3. Diaper changing tips

When you have that squirming little baby or a crying little newborn you aren’t having to search for everything. So have everything the moment either you walk into the room. You lay them down immediately grab everything. That you’re good to go as soon as you open up that diaper this applies mostly for boys. I don’t believe girls really pee on you the moment you open their diapers but boys. Will especially at the beginning be ready for that now. They do sell something called a pee-pee teepee which I think is a little ridiculous there’s no need for that. I had two boys who never used one so what we do is we open up the diaper.

how to change a diaper tips and tricks new moms

Our next Topic

If you have ever seen a onesie or I think in other countries they call it. We find the  9 best diapers for sensitive skin guides for your baby. A baby grows they’re the kind of like undershirts for babies. My babies always just wore them normal there is an interesting little color to them. So that is made you can pull the onesie down you don’t have to go up over their head. You can just go straight down this is perfect for when there is a poop explosion pee explosion anything that. You don’t want to then get tracked all the way up their body highly suggest using that even. If you want to use that normally that way you don’t have to deal with the snaps later on but.

4. When is it time to change diaper size?

I really suggest using one of those and actually using it for its features. What I really like doing especially when they are brand-new is before. I put a brand new diaper ready to go right underneath them so the moment. A new mom’s help this article How to change a diaper guide for moms we think very helpful ideas for you. I open up that dirty diaper I take care of the situation. Then immediately, Their little tush goes straight onto a brand new diaper. So it’s nice and convenient it also works for babies that want to then poop again. So you’ve got a full diaper you take that away and they immediately start pooping again. It happens quite often you already have a diaper ready to go to catch that mess hey check that.

5. Where should you change a newborn baby’s diaper?

I kind of learned I don’t know who taught this to me but you use the diaper as a wipe first. I mean by this is that you open up the dirty diaper and you use the top of the diaper unless that is covered. It’s a whole major explosion then you might not be able to do this but what  I do is I use the top of that diaper. I wipe everything down so this does only apply. If you are having a poopy diaper so you use that type of top of the diaper. What the analogy that I’ve heard is that if you don’t if you have a mayonnaise packet for a sandwich but you don’t have a knife. You took the package and use that as a knife so it’s similar to that you kinda just wiping everything away. so then you have less to use for wipes.

how to change a diaper tips and tricks new moms

6. How often should you change a newborn baby’s diaper?

So this can kind of be hard sometimes but when they are little. It’s a little bit easier to give them something that suits them. They are happy so that their content, not all babies will be okay with this you can give them a toy you can give them something. That isn’t a toy but it’s still safe for them to use my kids always liked having it. The Desa the diaper rash cream bottle because they can’t open it anything that. They can play with it’s maybe not normal obviously if your baby you want to say to be breastfed. You are not going to be doing that while you’re changing them but just give them something to calm them down.

Baby diapers changing hacks guide So that they are happy and not out of control crazy another thing is to just get in and out get in take care of business get out. Now do say that you’re supposed to talk to them and love them and talk it like while. You’re doing all that I found that actually destructed my baby too much. It’s like what I would do is I would just get in change a diaper Tips and Tricks new moms and out you can talk to them while you are doing it. But don’t stand there and kind of like just taking your time trying to get in and out change a diaper Tips and Tricks new moms.

7. Diaper changing and dealing with sensitive bottoms

You can keep everything under control dreaded diaper rush everybody dreads. This now I have two boys so I don’t have to deal with it probably as much as say. If you have a little girl because I heard little girls can get a horrible rush because everything is just sitting there all the time. So what I found is that I would put on especially. The beginning coconut oil or Vaseline just over everything that needed it to give it a layer between your baby’s skin.

My son Liam had a really hard time if he had poop in his diaper for more than a couple of minutes he had a rash already. So I remember just putting that on just a light layer and it just gave them a little bit more protection. I would do that all the time now with boys there’s obviously a little bit more going on. So you might want to put it everywhere it’s up to you. When they are brand new if you’re breastfeeding breast milk is amazing for diaper rash. It’s crazy it just clears it up almost immediately at least that’s what.

how to change a diaper tips and tricks new moms

8. Public diaper changing tips

Says like compared to works just as well but not as quickly. There’s like the Target Walmart there are all these different brands but. This might be kind of a basic thing but check their diaper constantly. When it comes to diaper rush it’s a matter of maybe just minutes. I said with Liam change a diaper Tips and Tricks new moms or I mean it could take them longer but constantly check their diaper especially. When they’re little because they go and you don’t even realize.

It’s a breastfed baby they’ve gone to you don’t even realize because you don’t smell it. Applying a diaper rash cream it’s thick remember it’s thick. It’s waterproof because that’s what it’s meant to do. so  I mean I use my fingers people have theirs they sell like applicators some of the use tissues. I wash them really well after another thing that people dread is paying through pooping through all that kind of fun stuff. So when it comes to a time through what we have kind of tested in trials was nighttime diapers. Now I’m not a Pampers Swaddlers brand fan for regular but nighttime diapers they’re awesome. So you can try out different brands some fit differently.

Ways to change a diaper without proper facilities

  • In the stroller
  • On your lap
  • Back seat or trunk of your car

So just be aware that what you can also do is double. Upon the diapers, so you can have two diapers on them so. It soaks through one and then that has that other one ready to go. That one just makes them a little bit bulky but you can also get liners that go in the diaper. This one works really well for girls not so much for boys because they pee and then it comes. Just straight up their kind of no matter what you do but for girls, it works really well. I remember my sister we use them all the time. So just this little tiny milk with a pad they just stick right into the diaper. They fill that up and then it goes to the regular diaper.

how to change a diaper tips and tricks new moms

So you don’t have a pee through another good tip is going a size up saying. They are a size one and then at night time. You put them in a size two just lose a little bit more room. It won’t immediately fill up and push on their clothes. you can share tips with your husband on how to change a diaper guide for gentlemen. I noticed that most of the time I get pee-throughs when my child is ready to move up a size. That kind of gave me an indication last but definitely, not least is changing them at nighttime. You are tired you’re exhausted and these are some tips that will help. Now I said to change a diaper Tips and Tricks new moms was a good good thing but at nighttime. If you really don’t need to change them.

Lay your baby down with all the supplies you need

Super full if they don’t have food don’t do it you don’t need to change them constantly. If they just have a little bit of pee now some kids. That totally doesn’t work and they need to be changed immediately. Because they just don’t like it. So if your child is okay with kind of sitting in a pee diaper. Dirty diapers most definitely always change those. It’s not too bad but then that way you can just pull their little legs out. You don’t have to completely undo all of them. I do highly suggest getting some kind of nightlight. So that you can see what’s going on because you do need as. It’s a poopy diaper you have to clean everything at like 2:00 o’clock in the morning and. Three o’clock at four o’clock and all that fun stuff so make sure to get a light.

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