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7 quick floor cleaning tips

If I didn’t adopt some smart cleaning habits and floor cleaning tips routines then. My house would literally never be clean and a few months ago. We shared with you the nine cleaning habits that I have adopted that have totally changed my life. The will link that article down below it’s essentially like daily and weekly habits.

I have adopted in my life to help me keep my house cleaner but. I also have found some really easy hacks to take things that you have to clean. Do it a lot quicker vacuum shake. So wanted to sit down and put those all together. One article to share with you basically just some ways. Vacuums for hardwood floors and carpet reviews You can clean everyday things in your house that you have to clean.

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How Often to Clean a Floor

How to do it quicker all right hack we show this article 11 quick floor cleaning hacks floor cleaning tips. Number one is to start doing laundry by a person instead of by load. And I don’t know why it took me 15 years of marrying my husband to realize that. It was better to do our laundry by the person as opposed to just doing it all at once. I can tell you that it is so much faster because if you are like me. We are very good about getting my laundry into the washing machine. And even into the dryer but then that final step of getting it from the dryer. Then finally putting it away I would put it off forever it makes. It’s so much faster to put laundry away.

Choose a Mop and Buckets

When you don’t have to sort the laundry by person all right hack number two is sort of going off of that one. That is to assign cert certain cleaning tasks to certain days of the week particularly. This works really well for any cleaning task that. You tend to procrastinate because assigning a specific day of the week to it just makes. It’s a habit and so it’s something that repeats every single week Vacuums for hardwood floors and carpet reviews.

Choose a Cleaner

That day because as humans we’re just creatures of habit. So once you start doing something on the same day of every week. It just becomes part of that routine part of that habit. So like I said we started doing it for laundry every single Thursday. When I put my son down for a nap I start a load of his laundry. He has breakfast we put the laundry away and then. We started doing my husband’s laundry on Saturday and then every Sunday.

Sweep or Vacuum First

I do my laundry and every Sunday night before I go to bed I put my laundry away. It works really great for things that. I tended to procrastinate and be like I’ll do it tomorrow by signing it to a specific day. It always gets done and just makes sure that. I get it out of the way so another thing that. I used to always put off was deep cleaning our tub. So I have started deep cleaning the tub every Thursday night before bed floor cleaning tips.

Fill the Buckets

It actually doesn’t take me that long it’s just something. I would put it off forever and I know by signing it to Thursday night.I know every Thursday night before I go to bed I’m going to clean that tub. And a little side note that helps make this more effective is I find. That I try to assign these days by the days that’s going to give me. The most benefit so an example I always do my laundry on Sunday nights.

Dip and Wring the Mop

I put it away Sunday nights because then every single Monday morning. I am starting my week with a closet full of clean clothes best floor cleaning solution I always sort of joke. But I find that like if you give yourself little rewards. It gives you so much more motivation to do things. When I have a big shower it’s gonna be in a nice clean tub. So it’s just like this little bit of motivation to get me to do it all right number three is to invest in a robot vacuum.

Stop for Stubborn Spots

It is amazing how much cleaner your house looks when your floors are clean. How much dirtier your house can look when your floors are dirty but the problem with keeping clean. Floors are much easier said than done especially with kids’ pets. I find that before I ever had a robot vacuum found. It was virtually impossible to keep up with keeping. My floors were clean all the time I did not have time to vacuum every day How to use a vacuum cleaner.

How to use vacuum cleaner

We got our first robot vacuum back in 2021 and what. I will tell you what I have learned is that not all robot vacuums are created equal. It’s one of those things that you really want to make sure you’re looking at the features. That they have and the technology that’s in the vacuum to make. It’s worth your while so the vacuum that. We currently have in our house is the bot for full transparency. They are sponsoring today’s article but also for full transparency. This is hands down the best robot vacuum I have ever used. I am going to explain to you why I want to talk to you about 7 home cleaning tips you need to know.

So great and make it worthwhile to have a vacuum as opposed to maybe going for something else. That doesn’t have those features that are not going to give you. The same benefits are the first thing that makes this vacuum. So great is the tech. That is some ways a robot vacuum is really only as good as the tech floor cleaning tips.

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