ways to clean your room

5 Easy ways to clean your room Fast!

Speed Cleaning Tips for Bedrooms

I can’t believe I did these easy ways to clean your room. I mean, it’s not like my house is the cleanest or anything, but for some reason when he came by last night and saw that pile of stuff on the bedside table, he got mad at me again. He started saying all this nasty stuff about how lazy and irresponsible I am. Like what does he expect anyway? And then to top it off, after we were done talking (whatever), he goes back to his car and comes back with a package of cleaning supplies!

The next day when I woke up from my nap (and you know drinking helps me sleep) I decided to do something different. No more letting stacks of clothes and books pile up in every corner.

Martha was always a perfectionist. She wanted everything to be done in the best way possible, which sometimes meant she would spend hours cleaning her house. But today, Martha had planned on getting things done quickly because she needed to head into town for an appointment with her doctor’s office.

easy ways to clean your room

Start by throwing away garbage

Tommy and his family were out on a long hike in the mountains. Every step felt like another mile they had to go, but it was worth it because of the majestic views. But when Tommy’s dad reached for their bag of snacks and realized that he left them back at the campsite, they knew things could get worse. “Don’t worry,” said Tommy’s mom with her hand on his shoulder. “We’ll find something else to eat.” They looked around for food, but all they found was garbage littering the ground along with scraps of paper that told them about some hikers who had come before them (they didn’t read past this). Just then, one of those pieces of paper caught their eye

Rearrange some bedroom items

“One, two, three,” she tapped on the door frame. “It’s time to come out.” She sighed when no one emerged from their room. “This is so unfair! I’ve done my job!” I walked over and knocked again. “You’re not going to get any breakfast this way.” My husband finally opened the door, rubbing his eyes. His hair was sticking up in every direction and he looked like he hadn’t slept at all last night. “What’s wrong?” I asked him as he stepped forward on wobbly legs towards me for a hug before sitting on our bed next to me with a heavy sigh. That stupid guy on the internet who said if you rearrange your bedroom.

Remove dirty dishes

I was paralyzed. The dirty dishes were piled high in the dishwasher and I couldn’t seem to find a way out. As I sat, despondent on the couch, my roommate walked by with an armful of clothes for washing. “Hey! You can do those!” She called over her shoulder as she disappeared down the hall with another load of laundry. I sighed and stood up from the couch, making my way into the kitchen easy ways to clean your room.

Easy ways to clean your room

Clean up your clothes

“Mommy, mommy,” I called out. The harsh sound of the washer whirring grew louder and louder as it spun around. I tugged at her shirt to get her attention, but she didn’t hear me. She had been washing clothes for hours We find best Vacuums for hardwood floors now and seemed content to stay that way all night if need be.

I watched my mother’s hands deftly move from one item to the next: jeans, shirts, pants; never missing a beat or dropping anything in the water below them. There were already piles of clean clothes piled up on either side of her feet; we would have enough outfits for weeks! I knew what needed to happen next: more laundry!

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