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7 home cleaning tips you need to know

First started cleaning home cleaning tips you need to know I was going all over the place. So when learned about this top to bottom left to the right business. I am started implementing it really noticed a change. If you don’t clean this way now you should totally give it a try. Vacuums for hardwood floors and carpet reviews It’s really easy to do when I say clean top to bottom the reason. I suggest that is because dust and dirt fall from the top to the bottom.

So when you’re wiping something obviously. You are going to have schmutz fall from the top to the bottom. So you wouldn’t want to clean your counter first only to clean your cupboard. Then has all the crumbs from the cupboard fall onto your clean counter never do that again. Whoever would want to clean a surface twice.

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Home cleaning tips you need to know When clean always wipe everything onto the floor because. I know cleaning the floor last now when it comes to working your way from left to right to left you to pick just be consistent. It means that you are never going to skip a spot. So that way I know every corner every section of the room is going to be cleaned because. I am working in this consistent manner that way when you’re cleaning you always know you have a pattern you commit it to memory and you get everything. When I first started my cleaning company i did not follow this information.

1. Buff surfaces with olive oil

Would just continue to run back and forth to a kitchen. Really it was in my best interest to get the cleaning done as quickly as possible. So that could move on to the next client or just give me a break but either way. When finally decided to start doing this.  Would take all of the products to the center of the space. I am was cleaning at that moment How to use the vacuum cleaner.

2. Detox the garbage disposal with lemons or limes

So that way I am wasn’t running back and forth it is a big waste of time and guys. I am used to time myself and it made a big difference. The next time you’re going to clean a particular room or space in your home get all of the products. And tools that you need ahead of time you can just think about it quickly get everything in the center. A very easily accessible space within that area or room and then get to your cleaning before. I have started my cleaning company and I am would watch cleaning commercials this is what. You would see and you know what that’s not real life guys. That is not the way it works because when. I am was doing my cleaning company and I do that and wiped I am was like hello this product doesn’t work.

3. Remove carpet stains with vodka

The safest most gentle product and work your way up only. If you need to and this is especially prudent for people with children’s pets’ asthma or allergies. I find a lot of people will just go under their kitchen sink or wherever their little cleaning. Stash is and they grab whatever product or the super powerful product just to clean that thing. So dirty the truth is your house is probably a lot less dirty than. You probably think it is so that’s good news. Gentle products can often accomplish a lot of cleaning. So you don’t need such a strong product, however. If you are in a situation where home cleaning tips.

4. Eliminate water stains with shaving cream

Let’s say you have a really greasy surface or someone got super sick on the bathroom floor in that case. You do want to use the stronger more powerful product but in most cases. The day recipes that we talk about or gentle environmentally friendly products are really efficient and good. Safe free to use to get that cleaning done. When you have a business you always have these defining moments. Where little things happen to you that will forever affect the future of your business. So in my case, there was this one time where this lady called me after her cleaning best floor cleaning solution.

She was very nice but she wasn’t happy and she said look at the kitchen counter. At first, glance looks really nice but I’ve noticed some staining on the kitchen counter. She had a white counter quiet as I was like excuse me I cleaned. That kitchen counter myself for like 10 minutes. What are you talking about now clearly I didn’t say that to her on the phone.

5. Baking soda and vinegar will basically clean the tub for you

I was very pleasant but anyway, as it turns out. She kind of crouched down and looked. The counter and noticed that something was missed under her microwave. I am was devastated but after that,  implemented what. now call The eye-level test and what that is is crouching down to eye level of the surface. That you have just cleaned to glance at it and see If anything else pops out at you now. When I am training my staff I always tell them okay this is the eye level test now vacuum shake.

6. Use the same solution to clean toilets

I want you to crouch down and have a look at eye level. They are all horrified and i make sure it’s really dirty that day. So that they really get a good idea of how important that eye-level test is because. When you come up and you look at something straight down. It doesn’t always look dirty but when you crouch down and look. You get a whole other story. So 11 quick floor cleaning hacks when you are cleaning step up your game and crouch down check out that surface at eye level and then there’s the famous s pattern.

7. Essential oils for a sparkling toilet

Now you are taking your dirty cloth and you are putting. It’s right back on that clean surface you are getting streaks. The results that you desire instead if you use what’s called the s pattern. When you start at the top right-hand corner of a surface you swipe all the way to the left. Then you zig and you zag back down to the chat is dancing as. I am doing this guy it’s so funny because he’s doing the s pattern with me. It’s quite funny the s pattern really does change the way that. You clean you get fewer streaks you are working really about half as hard as you would. If you are doing it this way and you getting great results home cleaning tips you need to know.

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