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5 tips for riding a bicycle with your child

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5 tips for riding a bicycle with your child. So how do you get your family biking safely and happily together? In this blog, I’ll be covering my top tips to start biking with your family. And, the top mistakes, or missteps I see people taking when trying to bike with their family. (biking sound) Hey there, If you are new here, I’m Anna Jenifar with shops accessories. I’m a mom, bike shop owner, and have helped thousands of families bike together over the last 20 years. you must need to know how to start to learn to ride a bicycle with your child. We have a lot of best ideas for you to read the article.

Make sure your helmet fits

If you’re interested in family or cargo biking, make sure to hit subscribe, or that “Like button” How to cross the road on a bicycle safely for your child we think you need to red cross rules. In my blog, my goal is to help families bike more often together. Right now there is no better time than ever to start picking up biking as a family activity. And I wanted to share with you some tips, and things to avoid to make this the most successful it can be. Step one. Prepare beforehand. This is ideally maybe three to seven days before you will ride. But even 24 hours is better than nothing.

5 tips for riding a bicycle with your child

Try to avoid getting this idea of family biking late Friday night for a Saturday morning adventure. looking to buy a bicycle for your child. We select the best bicycle for your baby we select the best bicycle. You want to give yourself time, to check over everyone’s bike. I’ll make sure the link below to my basic bike check-over video. You want to pump up those tires, check if the helmets still fit. The bike still fits and makes it so that you are essentially ready to roll. Make sure you giving yourself time to fix any problems, like flat tires, broken helmets or bike that doesn’t fit. Step number two. The first ride is a short one. I suggest setting yourself up for success, and focus on the first three trips. Yes, three trips. 5 tips for riding a bicycle with your child

Remove the pedals and lower the seat

What does this look like? Shorter trips, and ideally at first individual trips with each kid. – Right show me your hand brakes, green brake. Good Job. – The first bike ride, I want to be literally around the block a few times with each individual child and adult if possible. Make sure their seat heights look good, and everyone feels comfortable on their bike. Make sure everyone is up to speed about, communicating, where to ride in a group. And how to operate their individual bikes safely.

5 tips for riding a bicycle with your child

Now give yourself and your family high fives. You can consider that a warm-up lap, or your first full ride. Just know you are setting yourself and your family up for success. Step number three. Make it about the destination. For the second and third trips, I really want to be destination-focused. Is there an ice cream ride within five to 10 minutes of your house? A park with turtles, or maybe your child’s school on a weekend. Make these first few rides about the destination, so this ride isn’t a chore or viewed as an activity.

Practice Getting On and Off the Bike

But instead, a fun vehicle to get them where they want to go. Slowly extend the trips, and vary the destinations. But try to always have a destination in mind with your family. Especially with the smaller kids. Who really don’t have the concept of, “Enjoying the ride.” Step number four. Always be prepared. I sound like a boy scout, but here are the few things I always have with me as we venture from the home, drive, and then bike. Snacks. This is so important, pack two times more than you think. Water has extra water on your own bike to be able to fill up everyone’s water bottles. A basic first aid kit. Band-aids solve all four-year-olds ‘ tears, and bee stings do happen.

5 tips for riding a bicycle with your child

Sunscreen, pretty straightforward. we think to balance on a bicycle for your child to read this article there are many tips for your baby to balance the bicycle. A basic flat changing kit, with tubes for each size bike. I typically add this if I’m outside of my neighborhood. Inside my neighborhood, I know I can just call a friend to get us if needed. The next thing that can really ruin relationships with a bike, is pushing a bike ride on your family. Too often I hear, “We can’t stop because we are on a bike ride. We need to ride 10 minutes more. Stop worrying about how far you go, and focus. what you can show your family on the seat of a bike. Finally, the last thing.

Learn to Coast Without Pedals

I see that can really frustrate families, are bikes that are too small, too heavy, or have flat tires. Our link to a video on kids’ bikes safety checks, that can help with all bikes. In general make this enjoyable, and not some type of heroic experience. I would love to hear from you, what are some of the key things you do to have the best riding experience with your family. Let me know in the comments below. And make sure to share this video with a friend, that might be interested in joining you for a family bike ride.

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