how to set mousetrap hacks

5 clever how to set mousetrap hacks

—how to set mousetrap hacks —

Today on garden fork 5 tips for better mousetrap how to set mousetrap hacks here. We go who’s this are you gonna help me you are waving after all of us well not all of us a lot of us have older homes. We have mice that want to come in in the fall in the winter. I have a yearly battle of them and I want to show you three tips that.

I use to make these snaps better we’re going to be focusing on the bait trigger. The mechanism here that’s the first tip is not too much bait the other one is peanut butter. What I do is I put the peanut butter underneath here rather than. The top is here because of the way the mouse has to go underneath. The is much more likely to trigger.

—Our Topic 5 Clever Ways to Mousetrap Hacks —

1. Bucket & Spoons

So our first tip is to put the bait underneath not on top next get cotton. Swab oops for our next tip get a cotton swab and pull some of the cottons off. It takes a little bit of your peanut butter and mixes. The peanut butter with the cotton is a little too much cotton. So cut that in half and then take.

2. Bucket & Cardboard Tube

This cotton peanut butter mixes and puts it underneath. The bait trigger here the idea with this is the cotton gets stuck in the mouse’s teeth. Will pull the trigger and release and he will snap that. I learned from my friend Mike thank you mike cotton peanut butter. Stem cotton kills, by the way, a set of these little. Needle nose really handy for when you’re having to actually remove mice from your traps.

3. Bucket & Soda Bottle

You can grab them and open them like this shake the mice out that kind of thing. If you like what you are seeing here garden park has all sorts of videos like this kind of living. How to make cooking gardening let me show. You the third tip here right so usually when you are a trap like this it goes over and then. This latches underneath there right here and holds that talk like that for our third hack.

4.Bucket & Paper Plate

Best Mouse Trap Bait

What we’re going to do is adjust this so it is a hair-trigger. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take this is slightly bent I’m going to make it a little straighter up like that. The straighter becomes the more sensitive. The trap is you get to a point where this won’t hold anymore. It just falls off but you’ll have to play with this a little bit. You can take some of the bends out of that and make. It is a much more sensitive trap so we have adjusted the angle of that little catch. You are going to going to take a little doing but you get the point Bend this up. So it’s a much more sensitive boom.

5. Glass & Coin

So I’m going to how to set a mousetrap hacks to bend this back just a little bit there you go after. You have read the article about how to hack spring mousetraps find out about it. What I think is the best mousetrap on the market right now. There should be a link clickable link right up here. If it doesn’t work it links in the show notes to learn about what. I think is the best mousetrap so far three mousetrap hacks.


There is nice cotton in with the bait or put the bait under the bay trigger there and then adjusting. The tension that holds the spring latch there is pretty cool. We put out cool stuff every week. If you like you can hit the subscribe button it’s cooking and gardening homesteading. Maker stuff is pretty eclectic but fun and any questions or comments like to hear from you below. So go out make it a great day.

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